T5 Fatburner: Wissenschaftlich Backed-Diät-Pillen (1 Monatspackung)T5 Fatburner: Wissenschaftlich Backed-Diät-Pillen (1 Monatspackung)

T5 Fatburner: Wissenschaftlich Backed-Diät-Pillen (1 Monatspackung)

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The original T5 Fat Burner Capsule from Biogen Health Science enables the body to work harder, obtain an optimal metabolic rate and significantly reduce body fat percentage.

Each capsule is a combination of only powerful ingredients: no ineffective binders, buffers or fillers that will affect the bio-availability and effectiveness of the powerful fat burning ingredients. All ingredients have clinically demonstrated the ability to both increase metabolism and stimulate thermogenisis = two critical properties which equate to more calories and fat cells being burnt – without any muscle wasting!

By providing the same effect as exercise-induced thermogenesis users will expierence a natural energy boost – as more carbohydrates being burnt for ‘fuel’.This is highly beneficial for those wanting to fuel exercise and effectively eliminate dieting fatigue.

Ideal for both men and women wanting to significantly reduce body fat percentage and/or for use as a pre-workout supplement to improve physical endurance. When combined with High intensity work outs each capsule can amplify metabolic parameters for up to 19 hours afterwards!

Supreme quality and premium results are never compromised when formulating and distributing T5 Fat Burners capsules. The formulation consists of only all-natural, pharmaceutical quality ingredients for a non-addictive and completely non toxic product. Every component of the T5 Fat Burners Capsules has been scrutinized within a manufacturing department within the UK and is FDA and MHRA : Approved for your highest safety.


  • Erwiesen, zu arbeiten – Durchschnitts Fat Loss Of 4-6lbs die Woche!
  • Starke pharmazeutische Qualität Zutaten nachweislich die Thermogenese stimulieren – durch die Verbrennung von Fettzellen, um die Muskeln aufzuwärmen
  • Enorm erhöht Ihre metabolische Rate – so dass Ihr Körper in die Fettverbrennung Modus für längere Zeit bleiben
  • Natürliche Energieschub – als direkte Folge von mehr Kohlenhydrate, die für “Kraftstoff” verbrannt, so dass Sie härter trainieren, Fett zu verbrennen schneller und erhalten in der besten Form Ihres Lebens
  • Hergestellt in Großbritannien und ist von der FDA und MHRA genehmigt für ein Höchstmaß an Sicherheit.


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